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What to Consider When Commissioning Artwork for Your Business?

Commissioning bespoke art for your business can seem daunting, but if you get the right artist and piece, the process can be fun and pay dividends for your branding and corporate image. Art can be powerful in corporate spaces. However, the commissioning process is only as good as you are at communicating your ideal vision for them to translate onto canvas, sculpture or any other medium you select. We’ve put together this handy guide from our experience supporting the commission process, including the most important considerations and questions to ask when commissioning art for your business.

Think About What’s Important

What do you want this piece to be in your business? Is it a reflection of company branding, business culture, or something abstract that is beautiful rather than functional? Creating a brief at the conception stage is a must, so it’s essential to nut out the details and get them right. It may be helpful from this stage to have a design team or art consultant – services we offer at Beyond Print – to help you clarify your brief to give to your selected artist. This is an essential part of this process, and although an artist will often be happy to collaborate, they will need a starting point.

Be Clear On Expectations

Understanding the artistic process balanced with your expectations will make things easier right from the beginning and make the commission a much more enjoyable experience. This includes clarifying time scales, deadlines, delivery dates, costs, etc. This clarity from the outset saves potential disappointment, frustration and the need for tough conversations.

Have a Contract

You should have a contract established once the commission is agreed upon and before the artist starts work. The agreement must include all the details, including price, expense allocation, timeframes and deadlines, and payment terms. This vital document will outline all expectations and contractual obligations of both parties, so there is no ambiguity and, ideally, no room for disagreements later.

Keep Up Communication

Keeping in touch with your artist throughout the project is a vital part of the project. Not only will you be aware if the project is progressing on time, but you can also catch any potential issues before they happen or escalate. It will also help you to know if they need anything from you to maintain their timeline and agreed delivery deadlines. Extensive revisions can cost big money and time while compromising your relationship with the artist, so it’s best to avoid all that and stay in touch.

Contact Us For Help With Your Commission

We aim to bring the best artworks to you with a holistic approach that ensures that you’re supported from acquisition to installation while integrating compelling and visually striking artworks into your home, office space, or commercial space. In addition, we offer an in-depth client consultation with all our clients to understand your taste and preferences while fine-tuning your acquisition requirements, whether classic or edgy and contemporary. To discover more about our Beyond Print approach, reach out to our dedicated art team.