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Ordering online

How to order online

To order online just click the order button in the top right or click here to go to our portal.
You can then drag and drop your image in the box or you can click the box to upload a file manually.

After processing you enter our product builder, where you can customise your order to your needs with the options on the left.

Then simply add to the cart and proceed through our checkout.

What are your delivery costs for prints, mounts or frames?

Please see our pricing tables here, if you need any further assistance you can contact us via email – [email protected], call us on +44 (0)208 533 0225 or fill in the form here.

Production turnaround times

UK prints ready for collection: Same day if ordered by 3 pm.
UK prints ready for despatch: Same day if ordered by 1 pm.
Mounts & Frames estimated time for completion: 5-10 days.
EU Delivery: 5-8 days.
Rest of the World: 10-14 days.

Prices for printing, mounting and framing

Please see our pricing tables here, if you need any further assistance you can contact us via email – [email protected], call us on +44 (0)208 533 0225 or fill in the form here.


How long will my delivery take?

Prints ordered by 1 pm are despatched the same day and depending on the service you choose can arrive the very next day. Prints ordered by 3 pm can be collected the same day at 6 pm. Framing and mounting jobs usually take between 5-10 working days to complete and delivery within the UK is 48hrs.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Yes, we do, please visit our delivery page ( to see the pricing for your desired country.

Do I have to pay any additional charges for international shipments?

We are not responsible for the duties and taxes applied on arrival to your country. Please factor this in when placing an order.

Can I expedite my order/delivery?

We strive to cater for any emergency projects. If you require your prints/frames to be done quicker, please give us a call or contact us.

How do I track my order?

When you place an order you will receive a tracking email once the order has been despatched. You can also view this on your account section if you have registered with us.


What is a Digital C’type print?

A Digital C-type print is a Chromogenic print. A digital image is exposed onto light-sensitive paper and developed using a photographic process. It is a printing process that produces photographic like output. In a continuous tone image, pixel patterns are either not visible or are barely visible under a magnifying glass. Various dye sublimation and laser technologies can provide up to 256 intensities of colour and even blend the inks. We use both Fuji and Kodak paper.

What is a Giclée print?

A Giclée print is made up of thousands of small ink particles that build up to produce a print, using the halftone technique that simulates continuous-tone imagery through the use of dots, varying either in size or in spacing, thus generating a gradient-like effect. We stock many types of paper to suit most projects and tastes.

How do I know what paper to choose for my art?

Order a sample pack here and visit the C-type printing and Giclée printing pages on our website. Anything else, please chat with us online or contact us via phone or email.

Do you offer wallpaper prints and how can I order?

Our Phototex self-adhesive and repositionable wallpaper is a bespoke service, we advise ordering a test strip before as colour saturation and tonal range especially in the shadows and blacks will not be the same as our photographic range. The price is £85 per sq metre for the print. A test strip of £15 inc vat is required for us to proceed with the print, and for additional test strips further, £15 inc vat will be applied.

How large can I print my image?

The optimum printing resolution is 300dpi, this size can be reduced for larger size prints as the viewing distance is normally further away.

For Giclée prints, the largest is 160cm x 1200cm, and for C-type, it is 180cm x 300cm. Please send us your image to assess, and a member of the support team will advise.

Should I laminate my prints?

If you are not glazing your prints or mounting and hanging we do offer a matt and gloss seal to protect them.

Should I calibrate my monitor?

You should calibrate your monitor for the best results, this will enable you to view the final colour of the print on your monitor.

What is the difference between the standard printing price and the Premium assisted printing price guide?

For the majority of artists and photographers, the standard print prices are the ones to go for as we always check files once an order has been placed and raise any issues if we see any. For those that require a one to one sit down with our team and want any colour corrections, test prints and adjustments made, we offer a premium assisted printing service.

Do you provide black & white printing?

Yes, we do, and if you require assistance to change your file to grayscale please email us or give us a call.

For the paper selection, we recommend using a giclée paper as the blacks in a giclée print are more suited to its application.

Why choose us?

Paper selection –
The biggest selection of papers of any fine art printers in the country. If we don’t have what you want, we will try our best to stock it.

Best printers –
We have top of the range printers such as our Polielectronica C-type printer which uses lasers instead of LED’s, which increases the resolution, highlights and shadows. Most of our competitors use ZBE Chromira C-type printers which use LED’s which gives you an inferior product.

Biggest size in the UK –
We are 1 of 2 labs in the UK to provide a C-type print as big as 72” using our Lightjet 500XL Ctype printer. There have only been 10 of these Lightjets produced in the world.

Best quality –
The best quality for your money guaranteed, or your money back. From the service to the best equipment and papers, we are sure you will be happy.

Turnaround time –
We will work towards your deadlines and are very flexible to make sure your prints or exhibition work is done on time.


Can you scan my artwork and negatives?

Yes, we use Hasselblad flextight X5 and Epson flatbed scanners to produce very high-quality scans. We can also scan onsite using our DSLR camera and studio equipment.

Can you scan larger than A3?

Yes, we have an onsite photographer and a top of the range Canon DLSR that we use to take pictures and stitch the image up to A0 size.

Can I bring a friend with me whilst I do my scanning?

Yes, of course. Unlike our competitors, we don’t stick you in a booth. You will have the full use of a 650sq ft room with sofa, tv, and refreshments.


Do you offer student discounts?

Yes, we offer 15% off from the list price for students.

I am recently graduated, can I still get a student discount?

Yes we offer student discounts to recent graduates 12 months from the time of their graduation.

How do I get my student discount when ordering online?

Register online and when you are prompted if you are a student, select the check box and we will email you a discount code.

What evidence do I need to provide that I am a student or recent graduate?

When registering online, you will need to upload your NUS card and provide a university email address to qualify for the student discount. For graduates, you will need to send us a confirmation letter from your university that you have
completed your degree and graduated. This can be uploaded online when registering.

Retouching & Editing

Can I sit down with a technician to make adjustment to my image?

Of course, we offer a premier service, whether you need to retouch, order hard proof we are available to work on a one to one basis.

Do you use auto enhancements?

Never, as we have lab technicians who will look at each file individually and make sure the controls and editing done is what the customer wants. This makes us very consistent and reliable when it comes to editing and retouching.

Framing and Mounting

Should I dry mount my work?

As standard, all online orders come dry mounted onto the best substrate for their size. For those who do not require framing, the process of dry mounting onto any substrate is whereby the media is permanently bonded to it ironing out any wrinkle or crease and will ensure it stays that way over time. This is great for posters and photographs however you need to keep in mind that the process is irreversible.

For fine art, we recommend conservation mounting using an acid-free mount board as well as hinges and acid-free tape or adhesive designed to keep acid from getting through to the artwork. Another name for conservation mounting is museum mounting. This method is used by most museums. In some cases, acid-free corners can be used to offer another level of protection to the artwork. Please contact us separately if you would like to proceed with conservation mounting.

Do you offer an installation service?

Yes, our team of technicians can install your work, please email for specifics.

What is your framing turnaround?

We aim to have your work ready within 5-10 working days for collection.

Do you offer worldwide shipping?

We work with a range of couriers from FedEx, UPS, DHL and TNT and ship worldwide. We offer a bespoke crating service and insurance for your artwork. You can even bring in your goods to get a packing and shipping quote.

What glazing option should I choose?

There is a range of glazing options to suit every budget, we recommend preservation 99 or anti-reflective glazing to best preserve your art from damage from UV light, even out of direct sunlight art is susceptible to damage from UV. For oversized works or frames going into public spaces and children’s room we recommend opting for Perspex as this is shatterproof and also reduces the
weight of your frame.

Do you frame objects?

Yes, we can frame just about anything, from T-Shirts, books, memorabilia, instruments and more, please email for your exact needs.

Where can I hang my frames or mounted prints?

Anywhere but try and avoid direct sunlight, humid environment and damp walls.

Customer Service

I am not happy with my frame or print, what can I do?

We offer a guaranteed satisfaction service, so if you are not happy with the print quality or have received a damaged item, we will replace it for free.

Who can I contact for any questions?

Please use our live chat facility which is online 24hours a day, 7 days per week.
Alternatively email us, give us a call or pop into our London studio.

Registration & Account

To log in, you can get there by clicking the account link in the top right of the page or by clicking here.

To register you get there by clicking the account link in the top right and then clicking create an account or you click here to go directly to the register page.

Customer Referal

What incentives do you offer for referrals?

For referrals, we give you 10% of all orders purchased by your referral for 15 months. In addition, your friend who you refer will get 50% off their first order up to a maximum of £100 off.

How can I refer someone?

When you register an account with us, you will have your own referral code in your account section. You can copy this code and email it to who you want as many times as you want.

How do I receive my referral amount?

This is credited into your account, and whenever you place your next order it will be taken off the remaining balance. You can also check your balance under my account section.

Can I use all of my credit on my order?

To make sure that the referral scheme works, there is a minimum amount you must spend before applying for the credit. Any remaining credit is kept on your account for use next time.

Can I refer someone who lives in the same address as me?

Unfortunately, at the moment the referral scheme only works if you refer someone who does not live at the same address as yourself.

Does my print credit expire?

No, it will remain on your account until you choose to close your account down.

Can I redeem my print credit in to my bank account instead?

No, the print credit will remain on your account and cannot be redeemed as cash.

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