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You have selected your artwork and are ready for your giclee print. But how can you guarantee the colours you see on your computer screen will match your printed image? Today we’ll be exploring the world of printing proofs. Keep reading to learn more about print proofs and why they are vital in the printing process.

What is A Proof?

Before we can discuss the different types of proofs, it is essential to understand what precisely a proof is. In the simplest of terms, a proof is a sample of a printed artwork. A proof gives a preview of how your work will look once printed. Proofs are essential for ensuring that both the artist and printer are on the same page, with all parties happy with the colours and quality of the print before it goes to press.

Proofs are crucial in preventing and amending any unforeseen problems that may arise from text to images, colour management and spacing, and many other design elements. In addition, proofs can alert both printers and artists to correct any issues before the final print run. As a result, proofs save time and headaches and prevent the aggravation and expense of reprinting.

Guide to CMYK/RGB/Pantone Colour Space

Soft vs Hard Proofs

Now that we know what proof is let’s dig into the difference between soft and hard proofs.

Soft Proofs

Soft proofs are electronic samples of the work, usually a PDF, which can be viewed on a computer monitor or electronic device. Soft proofs reproduce the appearance of the finished print. Soft proofs are a quick and economical way of verifying your print quality. Soft prints can be emailed directly to you for approval, significantly increasing the speed of the printing process and making them ideal for simple or straightforward printing projects.

Guide to Each File Format Used When Printing

Hard Proofs

Hard proofs, on the other hand, live in the physical world. Hard proofs are a physical sample of the print used for more complex printing projects, such as fine art prints or photography. Unlike soft proofs, hard proofs take the image sample into the real world so you can assess how the print looks and reacts to different lighting environments. Hard proofs are ideal for artists of all kinds looking to ensure the quality of their work prior to its final print run.

CMYK Certified Proofing

We use the industry-standard GMG software at Beyond Print to provide CMYK certified proofing. Using GMG media in various styles from coated to uncoated, OBA and non – OBA, our GMG colour proofs will give an excellent representation of how your printed colours will look before the final press run. Each CMYK certified proof contains the top of the line FOGRA MediaWedge to measure and check colour accuracy and documentation to authorise the result. All our proofs are created with the latest Epson Sure Color P5000 printer and are available in sizes up to A2.

If you have any questions or are interested in getting a proof of your work, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team of printing specialists is on hand to help with all your printing needs.

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