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What print is best for you?

We are the best at what we do, so much so that we guarantee every single print or a replacement. From the professional print from our lab technicians to the best equipment and archival papers, we are positive that you will see the difference in service and quality.

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What Is Giclée & How We Use It

Giclée is a French term meaning “to spray” and is suited to fine art, illustrative and more recently photographic images.

Giclée prints are produced by firing extremely small droplets of ink onto specially coated paper to build a colour or black and white print. Giclée prints are known as halftone prints whereas a C-Type is a continuous tone.

We use the latest range of Epson printers using 11x Utrachrome HDX inks and the 9 best papers from Hahnemühle and Canson covering a wide variety of textures and range.

The advantages of Giclee prints are the ability to print on a wide variety of media ranging from ultra-smooth coated papers to highly textured papers, wallpapers and canvas. The longevity of prints is 100+ years plus under the correct conditions and b/w prints up to 200 years. Inkjet prints have a wider colour gamut than C – type prints giving more vivid colours.

Print sizes up to 160cm x 5000cm.

Benefits of Giclée Printing over Alternative Solutions

Giclée prints require at least 300 dpi high-resolution images to give them the sharpest detail and the broadest spectrum of colour. Giclée prints must be printed on specialised acid-free archival paper to ensure their longevity of more than 200 years. Lastly, Giclée prints must be printed on an inkjet printer using high-quality pigment-based inks. This combination of standards results in breathtaking prints that will last a lifetime.

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The latest large format Epson printers we have in our studio cannot be beaten in quality as they produce the best resolution prints per square inch than regular inkjet printers producing a higher quality print and DPI resolution of 1440 x 2880.

The Epson SC-P9000 and SC-P20000 printers are industry standards for producing the best Giclée prints on the market.


Giclée printing is a dry, halftone printing technique, whereby an inkjet printer sprays pigment-based inks onto archival paper in a series of dots known as half-tone patterns. Described as dots per inch (dpi), Giclée printing is able to produce more saturated prints that give a fine art feel to the print and a higher colour gamut range.


Giclée prints can last up to 200yrs and even greater when stored in the right conditions. The archival quality of the papers that we use accompanied by the pigment-based inks allows each print to effectively be fade resistant. This is also complemented by the fact that we take every step to make sure our prints are sustainable and carbon-free.

Sample Pack

Our papers include the finest Giclée and C-type media including Hahnemühle, Canson, Fujifilm and Kodak film. Whether you are an artist or a photographer, we will have the right sample pack for you.


Buy for £8.99 inc VAT and get an £8.99 credit voucher off your order.

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15% Student & graduate discount

We aim to support students and graduates wherever possible and offer an exclusive 15% off for all prints and frames.

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C-Type Digital Printing

C-type is an abbreviation of Chromagenic Type. this is a chemical process using silver halide that reacts to light to create a colour image.

Originally this process was used to print photographs from colour negatives but sophisticated equipment has now been developed to enable prints to be made directly from digital files. Our printers use advanced laser technology that produces sharper images than the LED-based Chromira machines.

We use the state of the art Polielectronica and Light jet printers which uses lasers to expose the paper unlike the ZBE Chromira which uses LED’s, also when the paper is being exposed by the lasers the paper stays stationary and the lasers are projected using mirrors resulting in a sharper image on the edges.

The advantages of this process are the extremely smooth tonal range and photographic look and feel.

Benefits of C-Type Printing over Alternative Solutions

A C-type print produces the traditional photographic look and feel prints using the old methods of negative darkroom exposure but in the modern age. This means a digital file replaces the negative and the silver halide papers are exposed through the use of lasers.

No printer can duplicate this on a large scale such as our C-type printers and have proven archival qualities with print sizes up to 182cm x 300cm.

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We have only a select few of the Lightjet 500XL machines that were ever produced and this means only a handful of printers across the world can produce images as big as 72” (182cm). There are only 10 Light Jets in the world that can produce prints this large and we are one of the 2 labs in the UK to offer this. Truly outstanding photographic prints at large scale sizes.


We calibrate the machines every morning to ensure the best colour accuracy and produce our own ICC profiles built around our environment and photochemistry giving you the truest representation of your artwork. Our technicians monitor the chemistry day to day making sure there are no fluctuations so you can reproduce your work day in day out without any colour shift. We work closely with our paper and chemical suppliers to make sure our machines are running at their best, this way we can guarantee you get the best result.


The papers we use for C-type printing are only the finest in the industry being Fujifilm and Kodak. There is a wide range of papers to choose from in our range and due to the significance of Fuji and Kodak and their investment in product quality, the archival quality of these papers are the best for any C-type prints.

Advantages to C-Type Printing

There are many advantages to choosing C-type printing over Giclée printing, however the same can be said about C-type printing over Giclée. The true answer is really what application is it intended for and what finished product you want.

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How to Print?

From the resolution of your file to the correct DPI for the size, these are the main items to be aware of

File Formats
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Test Strips

Once you have your file ready and have chosen the paper you would like to print on, you can choose to print a test strip for £4 + VAT to check how your print will look before going ahead with the final print.

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Traditional Photographic Prints In The Modern Era


C-type prints are better suited to mounting applications. This is not to say Giclée prints are not, however, the smooth papers of the C-type prints showcase the sleek glossy nature of photographic prints if mounted on substrates such as Dibond or reverse acrylic. For more information on mounting, please visit our mounting page here.


As mentioned before, C-type prints produce a continuous print rather than Giclée dot printing. This means the tone of photos for example in a sunset would be more evidently visible and produce greater results than compared with a Giclée print.

Mounting & Framing with Beyond


This process affixes the art or photograph whilst protecting it and looking great displayed at home or an exhibition.


Our handmade frames are second to none. We use the best sustainable woods with a wide variety to choose from to compliment your fine art print.


From the resolution of your file to the correct DPI for the size, these are the main items to be aware of.

Printing your art or photograph to how you want it and how it looks on the screen is very important.

How to make a test strip file.

Lets create something, Order Photo & Art Mounting

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