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Commercial & Trade Picture Frames

We offer fast delivery to all UK locations.

Are you looking for a framing partner for your artistic needs? Beyond Print is your reliable printing and framing specialised, here to bring a professional finish to your project. Working with hundreds of institutions, galleries and commercial vendors, Beyond Print offers competitively priced frames for your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for one frame or a thousand frames; Beyond Print is here to help you deliver gallery-quality frames at a price that fits your margin. Frame, mounts, glazing and even archive-quality wide format printing; no matter your requirements, Beyond Print can help.

Some of our commercial partners have included interior designers looking for custom handmade frames, Luxury Hotel brands searching for a framing partner to bring synergy to their collection and professional artists and galleries, for whom we are their go-to framer for exhibitions and bespoke commissions for their clients. We don’t shy away from large-scale works; we love a challenge! The artisan craftsman at Beyond Print has the skills to create any style frame, from gilded to modern creations. Beyond Print is here to deliver the expert framing solutions you need.

Why Choose Frames

from Beyond Print?



All of our picture frames are handmade by artisan framers. We use only the highest-quality wood for our frame mouldings, thoroughly checking each piece throughout the manufacturing process. Our expert framers are dedicated to their craft and deliver perfect frames every time.



If you are an interior designer, architect or retail fit-out specialist looking for frames but don’t want to break the bank, Beyond Print is here for you. Beyond Print offers beautiful frames for trade at a price suitable for your margins. Our corporate and trade clients benefit from the best prices we offer. Bulk discounts are available, so call our dedicated staff for more info.


Customer Service

Customer service is vital to the success of our business. Our customers know that when they deal with Beyond Print, they’ll be taken care of every step of the way. Satisfaction with your frames is our top priority; that’s why we’re here, day or night, to answer any of your framing questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out by email, phone or online chat.



Printing and framing are our bread and butter. With vast experience working with trade clients of all sizes, our expert team have seen every type of project you can imagine. As a result, we are well placed to advise on projects, from corporate office refurbishment to building development and even luxury hotel projects.

Ready to chat?

Beyond Print is here to become your reliable framing partner who understands you and your need, boasting a vast array of frames and services for commercial and trade. Get in touch today to discuss how Beyond Print can help bring your artwork to life with beautiful frames. Our expert team are available to answer all of your questions.

Sample Pack

Our papers include the finest Giclée and C-type media including Hahnemühle, Canson, Fujifilm and Kodak film. Whether you are an artist or a photographer, we will have the right sample pack for you.


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We aim to support students and graduates wherever possible and offer an exclusive 15% off for all prints and frames.

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Mounting & Framing with Beyond


This process affixes the art or photograph whilst protecting it and looking great displayed at home or an exhibition.


Our handmade frames are second to none. We use the best sustainable woods with a wide variety to choose from to compliment your fine art print.


From the resolution of your file to the correct DPI for the size, these are the main items to be aware of.

Printing your art or photograph to how you want it and how it looks on the screen is very important.

How to make a test strip file.

Giclée Printing FAQ's

What's the difference between Giclée and Digital printing?

Digital print and Giclée print terms are two very different things. A digital or art print is a reproduction of an artwork or photograph with no standards for resolution, paper or ink quality with digital prints. A Giclée print on the other hand has exact specifications for printing. First, Giclée prints require at least 300 dpi high-resolution images to give them the sharpest detail and the broadest spectrum of colour. Next, Giclée prints must be printed on specialised acid-free archival paper to ensure their longevity of more than 200 years. Lastly, Giclée prints must be printed on an inkjet printer using high-quality pigment-based inks. This combination of standards results in breathtaking prints that will last a lifetime.

Are Giclée prints worth it?

Yes! Giclée prints offer high-quality reproductions fit for display in any museum or exhibition. Giclée prints are the industry standard, used by artists, designers, photographers and gallerists to showcase artworks at their best. With a textured surface, they can imitate brushstroke or a palette knife, perfect for fine art reproductions. In addition to their exquisite finish, Giclée prints have extremely long longevity. Giclée print will last over +100 years without fading or ageing, making them perfect for both collectors and archival purposes. On top of that, many artists use Giclée for their limited edition prints, with many becoming collectable and increasing in value. So if you’re looking for an eye-catching printing style that will last a lifetime, Giclée is your choice.

Why are Giclée prints so expensive?

One of the main factors that affect the price of Giclée prints is the high-quality materials and specialised equipment needed to produce them. Giclée prints require the highest-quality pigment-based inks Giclée and specially treated acid and lignin-free paper to ensure their archival quality. In addition, Giclée prints are printed on state of the art inkjet printers that allow for print sizes up to 160cm x 5000cm. On top of their exquisite quality, Giclée prints have also become highly collectable, with many prints increasing in value. Used by many established and upcoming artists alike for limited edition prints, their high quality and longevity ensure the prints appreciate, with some examples realising prices of hundreds of thousands of pounds. If you’re an artist, designer, or photographer, Giclée prints make an excellent choice for your next limited edition print run.

How long does a Giclée print last?

A variety of factors can influence the longevity of your Giclée print, including humidity, extreme temperatures and light intensity. Giclée inks use the highest quality pigment-based inks alongside acid and lignin-free paper to ensure they don’t fade or degrade over time. When stored in normal conditions, Giclée can last 100 years, and in optimal conditions can last more than 200 years, guaranteeing your print looks its best for years to come.

Do Giclée prints fade in sunlight?

Sunlight is powerful, but the longevity and high-quality materials used to produce Giclée prints allow them to hold their colour better than standard prints. When stored in optimal conditions, Giclée prints can last over two hundred years before beginning to fade. In normal conditions, such as hanging on your wall, your Giclée print will last over 100 years before showing signs of ageing. It is important to note that intense, direct sunlight may increase the risk of your print fading. If you’re looking for a museum-quality print that will last a lifetime without fading, Giclée is a perfect choice.