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In an age where every snapshot can become an Instagram story, there is a profound beauty in transmuting fleeting moments into tangible works of art. Beyond the instantaneous applause of likes and shares lies the true essence of a photograph – its ability to transcend time and decorate our living spaces with personalised tales and memories. At Beyond Print, we’ve refined the alchemy of transforming your photographs into exquisite wall art. Using state-of-the-art printing techniques and bespoke framing options, your masterpieces deserve nothing less than the pinnacle of presentation. Journey with us to explore the nuances of this art, and understand how you can elevate your photos into gallery-worthy pieces.

The Essence of Giclée and C-Type Printing

Giclée, derived from the French term for ‘spray’, harnesses the marvels of digital inkjet printing to produce images with incredible detail and colour accuracy. This technique uses microscopic droplets of pigment-based or dye-based inks, ensuring a continuous tone without the distinct dot pattern typical of many other prints. It’s no wonder that many discerning photographers and artists opt for this technique when they require reproductions that mirror the original’s vibrancy.

On the other hand, C-Type printing, or Chromogenic print, uses a more traditional method. Through a blend of old-world charm and modern methodology, light-sensitive paper is exposed to lasers or LEDs. When processed in photographic chemicals, this produces an image that boasts authenticity. The resultant photographic print has unparalleled depth, a luminous quality, and a smooth finish that digital printing often struggles to replicate.

At Beyond Print, the harmonious blend of these two renowned printing methodologies is our forte. Whether you’re looking to capture the subtle nuances of a delicate shade or the vibrant hues of a lively scene, our expertise ensures your photographs receive a treatment that’s nothing short of perfection. We meticulously calibrate our machines, understand the intricacies of paper types, and ensure that each print we produce pulsates with life, echoing the heartbeat of the original moment captured.

From Click to Frame: Tailoring to Perfection

A photograph’s journey doesn’t culminate at the printing stage. It’s the intricate dance of melding the print with the perfect encasement that truly accentuates its soul. Bespoke framing provides the essential finishing touch, much like a maestro’s crescendo in a symphony, encapsulating the essence of the image within. The right frame not only enhances the visual appeal but also safeguards the artwork from external elements, preserving its allure for decades.

Beyond Print’s bespoke framing solutions are not mere accessories; they’re integral to the artwork’s presentation. Crafted with meticulous precision, every frame, be it made of rich mahogany or sleek aluminium, is chosen to complement the hues, textures, and emotions brimming in the photograph. Be it the refined elegance of a slim black border, the rustic charm of a wooden frame, or the contemporary sleekness of a metal silhouette, our myriad options cater to every artistic vision.

Moreover, we understand that every image tells a story, and its frame should seamlessly weave into that narrative. Through consultation and a deep understanding of the artwork’s nuances, we help our clients navigate this final, crucial step in their photograph’s journey, ensuring that the frame not only holds the artwork but elevates it, transforming it from a mere picture to a piece of cherished art.

Navigating the Nuances of CMYK Proofing

In the realm of print, the translation of digital colour to the tangible medium can be rife with unpredictability. CMYK Proofing serves as a bridge between these two worlds. This process, focusing on the four ink plates used in colour printing – cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black) – ensures that the final print resonates with the vibrancy and detail of its digital counterpart.

The sophistication of CMYK Proofing lies in its meticulous calibration, a feat that takes into account the intricacies of printer capabilities, ink interactions, and paper characteristics. The result is an authentic reproduction, with colours that sing with truth and clarity. By providing physical proof, photographers and artists can assess and adjust colours, ensuring fidelity to their original vision. This step becomes indispensable, especially when aiming to capture the exact hues of a sunset or the subtle gradations in a monochromatic portrait.

Beyond Print, in its pursuit of perfection, integrates this intricate step with masterful proficiency. Our advanced proofing techniques ensure that unexpected colour shifts, contrast anomalies, and unexpected saturations are virtually non-existent. Through meticulous evaluations and iterative adjustments, every print we produce mirrors the brilliance of the original photograph, giving creators unparalleled confidence in the fidelity and integrity of their work.

In the confluence of art and technology, Beyond Print emerges as a beacon for photographers and homeowners alike, guiding them towards the zenith of wall art creation. By amalgamating cutting-edge printing techniques with unparalleled craftsmanship in framing, we elevate photographs from mere digital memories to tangible masterpieces. Each piece curated with us becomes more than just a print; it becomes a testament to a moment, a story, a legacy. Step beyond the confines of the lens and let your photography assume its rightful place on the walls of admirers and art aficionados alike. With Beyond Print, your vision is immortalised in the finest art paper, enveloped in bespoke frames, ready to mesmerise generations.